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Campbellville, Pennsylvania 
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Located in Forks Township, Sullivan County 
Nestled in the Endless Mountains 
Where Lick Creek and Level Branch Meet 
                                                         The Endless Mountains                                                          
In 1849 Campbellville began as a gristmill established by a pioneer named John Campbell. He was a master miller and had owned and operated gristmills for over thirty-five years throughout Pennsylvania. At the age of fifty-five he decided to leave his mill in New Albany and locate a new mill seat in Forks Township. The area he selected was remote and pristine and the only other industry close by was a recently established water-powered sawmill operated by a George Hunsinger. 
The left photo above is of his mill and covered bridge taken just prior to 1899 before the great flood in December 1901 when the mill was completely washed away. Just above the mill roof on the right in the photo is the old Campbellville school house. The covered bridge was built at the same time as the mill to provide greater access for farmers. In addition it opened access for more area residents to reach the Hunsinger sawmill located just south of the mill alongside Lick creek. You may notice that the large water-wheel that usually accompanies a mill is missing. Campbell's mill was powered by a new advancement called the water "turbine", a submerged vertical turbine driven under water by a water sluice and gate.  
The right photo above is of Warburton's saw mill located in Campbellville and powered by Lick creek and Streby Run, providing the lumber needs to all the Campbellville area residents. The photo was taken September 1900. 
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